Being a service provider is tough.


We both built a business full of clients - but not connections.


The Break Room is a [safe] place for done for you service providers to pull up a chair, ask questions, and make true connections.


We are PASSIONATE about creating community.



Connections start with a PLACE to find one another.


This is what The Break Room is. A place for you to connect, confide, and LOVE on people JUST LIKE YOU.

The Break Room is a FREE Community for Done For You Service Providers


✅ This Community has been custom created to serve Done For You Service Providers.


✅ Absolutely NO COACHES are allowed inside.


✅ Weekly networking & co-working events to meet & hang out with YOUR PEOPLE


✅ Led by Service Providers: Chelsea Winstead & Hollie Clarke

Here's What We're About:

✔️ Creating a safe space for our people to ask questions, get feedback, and vent.


✔️ A community of FRIENDS who understand your struggles & can help you work through problems.



✔️ Weekly access to co-working & Happy Hours to hang with your people.



✔️ Expert trainings from other service providers in our community. Sharing is caring!



✔️ A judgmental free place to connect, ask questions, and LEARN from your peers.

What Our Break Roomies Are Saying:


To provide a SAFE space for you to connect, learn, and find connections with people JUST like you. It's a lonely space out there & our goal is to create the COMMUNITY that we all need.

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