• You genuinely feel that the only way to MAKE more money is to work more hours....

  • You're crushing the "done for you" game - but wonder if there's other ways to increase your income...?

  • Take ACTUAL time off without your laptop....

  • Have the ability to make AS MUCH as your clients make..

  • Have personalized support on YOUR journey into becoming a CEO

  • Have a TRIBE of women supporting you & cheering you on throughout this wild journey

We have too. And so have our people. [75% of our students have made previous investments that were "not" for them.]


What if we told you...that you've FINALLY found your place? With your people? Taught by your people? Surrounded by your people?

[Aka: THE PLACE for scaling service providers. Not coaches.]


What if we told you that this is THE last place you'll ever need to go for growth, scaling, networking, and expansion opportunities?

Two service providers who have been caught up in the "pipe dreams" & false promises of programs, coaches, and experiences that were NOT created for our people.


We're two done for you service providers who built BIG [$50k+/months] businesses offering DONE FOR YOU services. [All without having guidance, support, or mentorship from people LIKE US.]


Fast forward to today, we've helped HUNDREDS of service providers scale their OWN businesses to 10-20-40k months!

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